Hello there, my name is Yue and I'm a professional Makeup Artist and Stylist based in London & Zurich.

I started my journey in the fashion and beauty industry as a blogger. Over the 5 years I managed to expand my audience which lead to multiple collaborations with brands. Eventually I shutdown my blog due to the fact that I didn't have time for blogging anymore. My interest in Makeup & Fashion however hasn't changed. So I decided to pursue a career as a Makeup Artist. 

After working a year as a Makeup Artist I realized that I loved to style as well. Working as a Stylist and Makeup Artist helped me to gain a comprehensive knowledge between the roles and improved my skills in many ways.

Ever since, I have been collaborating with photographers, art directors and worked for fashion shows as well as events.

Additionally, I started teaching at Kets Make up Academy in Zurich, helping aspiring Makeup Artists to reach their goals.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for collaborations or booking requests. I'm very open minded and always interested in creative projects.


Message me in German, Swiss German, English or Chinese.